MILA Monte-Carlo


I started drawing in my very young age in the workshop of my family (my father was master tailor and my grand-father was master tailor and designer).

Besides my artistic activities, I studied business management and have worked for several years in international

companies located in Monaco.

Over the past years, I have made visual art creations (oil painting, graphics, etc.) - Realism and Expressionism styles.

Since end of 2011 I have created a Monegasque Company with some members of my family.

The goals of the Company : designing fabrics, clothes and other accessories using first class materials and working with

first class European Manufacturers.

Through my creations, I also want to defend some human causes. For example I try to deliver a special message to the people who like and buy my clothing accessories on the theme "Wild"... Help orphan children coming from Africa or South America ! A part of the benefit of your purchase will be refunded to an Humanitary Association.

I have also made a special scarf for the Princess Grace Foundation based on a portrait I made of the Princess..

I plan new other actions for my forthcoming creations.

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